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Scalper Aspirator - Call for Pricing and Specs

Scalper Aspirators

 . . . Proven to out perform the rest  



Bench Industries has been manufacturing quality separation equipment for over 25 years. We have developed a low cost high quality machine to remove trash & dust from products to prepare products for processing & storage.

The scalper screen is the tri-bar material for longer wear life and with the variable speed control is easily changed for a wide variety of products ie. (corn, wheat, alfalfa, canola, & recycling plastics.)

The aspirator system uses the technology from our air screen machine and has more CFM than any other machine on the market.



Standard Features:

* Tri-bar material for longer wear * Adjustable air bleed-in

* Open circuit design * Air liftings discharge from either

* Feed hopper access panels * Aspiration velocity control

* Adjustable feed gate * Variable speed frequency drive 


                       Brochure available in PDF




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